Business English

Hours per week: 20  
Self-study hours per course: 30

  • Improve your general speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills;
  • Equip you with the necessary language structures to survive well in an English speaking workplace;
  • Read and understand authentic business texts such as contracts, letters and bulletins;
  • Write connected texts on a range of business topics;
  • Learn to communicate in various business like situations with a degree of fluency and spontaneity typical for native speakers;
  • Master your pronunciation to be clearly understood in presentations on complex business subjects;
Structure:  We will help you reach the course objectives through the introduction and practice of the following language points:

  • collocations-words that go together;
  • present, past and perfect tenses;
  • simple vs. continuous tenses;
  • modal verbs for advice, obligation and permission;
  • making suggestions;
  • passive voice in different tenses;
  • conditional sentences;
  • if only / I wish + past perfect;
  • connecting words: reason and contrast;
  • adjectives for giving opinions;
  • British and American accents;
  • relevant business vocabulary;
  • if and unless;
  • modal verbs
  • word building;
  • correct pronunciation of vocabulary;