• Introduce and practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills
  • Learn to communicate in various situations such as shopping or eating in a restaurant
  • Discuss topics such as family, likes/dislikes, and personal information
  • Use basic greetings and phrases
  • Talk about future plans
  • Understand simple statements and answer simple questions

Structure:  We will help you reach the course objectives through the introduction and practice of the following language points:

  • the alphabet;
  • to be;
  • articles;
  • subject pronouns, possessive adjectives;
  • possessive ‘s;
  • numbers;
  • this/that/these/those;
  • have got;
  • the present simple tense + frequency adverbs ;
  • the present continuous tense;
  • there is/there are + some/any/a lot of;
  • object pronouns;
  • can for ability and possibility;
  • past simple of to be, basic regular and irregular verbs;
  • be going to for future plans;
  • like/love/hate + ing form;
  • plurals;
  • relevant vocabulary;
  • pronounce English sounds correctly;
  • use the correct pronunciation of vocabulary;