Duty of Care Policy

Newcastle International School of English has a specific responsibility to each of its students under Duty
of Care Legislation.

This of course partners with Health and Safety Legislation and also Equality and Diversity Legislation, but it is our responsibility to produce a document in which students understand the area of confidentiality and data protection and our responsibility as a school and also an employer.

Any individual who provides information in confidence must bear in mind that in certain circumstances Newcastle International School of English may owe a duty of care to an individual/s that cannot be discharged unless the management takes action on the information that was provided in confidence.

For example where the information concerns potential harm to the individual or to others NISE must weigh the duty of confidentiality against that potential harm.

It may not be necessary to pass on the individuals name at first but identify whether the information received is actually significant to breach confidentiality. (Concerns for confidentiality need not, and should not, prevent communication that is necessary to help students in difficulty).

It is in NISE’s best interests to act at all times in the most appropriate manner and with the upmost discretion. When a disclosure has been made to any member of staff and that member is dually alarmed they must pass this information over to the head of their department and discharge their involvement.

It is then the head of department’s responsibility to report the information to the Operations Director who will then make an informed decision on what to do with the received information but they must act lawfully and with integrity.

We must protect ourselves as an organization and take the necessary steps to pass on the duty of care to the relevant department to deal with the information received. It is essential that we eliminate all risk from NISE so that we can function legally and with a clear conscience and know that any individual who poses a risk is dealt with accordingly and no longer a risk to students and staff or themselves.

In the situation where a student is at risk we must ensure that we can do all that is possible to assist that individual in making informed decisions but in the given scenario where the information crosses lawful boundaries we must take matters into our own hands and follow the steps as previously stated.

Promises of confidentiality

When certain information has been received we at Newcastle School of English must not give assurances of confidentiality to those who wish to divulge the information. It may be necessary to say that certain information may be shared with others who need to know it and that if this is the case it will be carried out with the upmost discretion.

Duty of Care Procedures

  • Information is received that raises concern.
  • Identify whether it can be dealt with or if it needs to be passed on to head of department.
  • It may not be necessary to disclose students name at this point.
  • Clarify whether the information is sufficient enough to breach confidentiality.
  • Inform relevant agencies appropriate to the issues raised.
  • For example; if a student was a potential harm to themselves or others it could be necessary to
    disclose this information with the police and the individual’s doctor.

It is essential for Newcastle International School of English adhere to this policy and procedures
to protect not only the individual who the issue was raised with but also the Schools operational
procedures. NISE take a serious professional and lawful approach to any information that raises
concern over a student’s welfare and also the welfare of other students.